Inspiring the world to enjoy tea at its best. We believe in tea that is as delicious as it is uplifting to the spirit. It's not just a drink – it’s an experience.


Spread over 20 acres, Oliria farms gives livelihood to over 50 Families. Situated in Jalore, the climate and soil are ideal for the cultivation of olive plants. Each leaf is carefully plucked and processed by our industrious team to provide nothing but the best in your cup of olive herbal tea.


Since early times, the olive has been regarded as a sacred tree and a treasure of various health benefits. Other than olive oil, the leaves of this venerable tree are also useful. A variety of new researches prove (already known by our ancestors since ages) - infusion made of the olive leaves has amazing health properties that are highly effective against a wide variety of diseases and symptoms. And we have made a tea out of olives that makes in itself a super drink for people. Olive tea is an ideal replacement for regular green tea and it contains much more antioxidants and make olive herbal tea in this also.

The extremely impressive medicinal qualities of olive leaves inspired us to bring a rather new beverage to the heal the conscious community. We have sourced an olive leaf tea that captures the essence of this powerful infusion so that you can energize your life with this herbal tea benefit.

Meet Our Founder

Tijaria Group is working in the field of Agriculture, manufacturing, and supply of water saving equipment. Tijaria introduces itself as a flagship group, established in 1982 by the people who master all the intricate techniques and subtle nuances of their business having an outstanding experience of over 37 years.

Tijaria is a two times national award winning company and has established itself synonymous with quality and customer satisfaction. Now this group is set to launch world’s first processed Olive Herbal Tea, with an aim to achieve the same satisfaction it has always provided its customers.

Now Mr. Vardhman Tijara, a young upcoming star entrepreneur from this group has taken the flag to launch Oliria, world’s first processed Olive Herbal Tea.